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While I was busy not being around here anymore, I managed to be completely unproductive fannish-wise (without mentioning "that tumblr issue" that basically destroyed years of gifs and graphics, but never mind). NaNoWriMo is not happening this year because of common sense. But at least I watch shows? Well, this isn't working. So I decided to kick myself and try to review what I am consuming.

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15th-Oct-2014 09:56 pm - Icons!

Decided to renew entirely my personal batch of icons, particularly with cute bob-haired Clara and Leverage. Unfortunately, this requires capping and editing. Argh. So in the meantime have some new and old ones to snag, if you are interested:

18 icons for Doctor who, Eleventh era;
6 icons for Leverage;
5 icons for the Pretender;
1 icon for Le Roi et l'Oiseau.

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3rd-Oct-2014 12:54 am - Art dump: otters, and I
The Caretaker had this one line that prompted the UK to instantly unite in a single cry of glee. You know which line. Obviously I could not let it pass. I give you "I lived among otters once for a month", prequel and sequel:
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And now for something completely different: me.
A word of explanation: tumblr had this curious meme in which you draw yourself in a fictional universe of your followers' choice. I decided to give it a shot and these are the results. This is probably the closest to a selfie I will ever post here. You can have fun and try to determine which universe I drew myself in.
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Never ending doodles because I didn't post any in quite a long time. Here it is. Long post ahead.

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Here's a little something that kind of itched me for the longest time about Listen. Content warning for anxiety, OCD, fear, phobia... And before I begin, may I add this undermines in no way the positivity of the message in Listen? Clara is obviously not gaslighting the Doctor. But I think there is a second reading to make.

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16th-Sep-2014 01:49 am - Fic: Carbon copy
Title: Carbon copy
Rating: PG
Genre: drama
Word Count: 550
Pairings or Characters: River, Eleven, Twelve
Spoilers: Let’s Kill Hitler
Warnings: canonical and non-canonical character deaths, self-loathing, alternative Universe

Carbon copy:  “a person or thing that is identical or very similar to another”
The Doctor wanders into a doubly forbidden time.

Notes: Written for the "River" challenge at who-contest. Because I could not pass a River prompt. Also this needed to be Twelve.

On AO3

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17th-Jul-2014 11:03 pm - More art dump.
Still alive. Trying not to panic because I am late with tons of things before the end of next week. Nope. Not panicking. I (slowly) managed to finish all the prompts. *crawls back into wardrobe and books* I will, maybe, manage to catch up on everything here, last week of July (?). *laughs bitterly from the wardrobe and scares the bogeyman there*
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I still have drawing prompts to handle, but I needed a little thing to cheer me up and frankly Bollywood musical numbers don't do cheering up by halves.

Show Me Your Jalwa - Aaja Nachle (2007)
28th-Jun-2014 08:32 pm - Fanarts: Palette suite
Thanks to those who asked! Here is a first batch:

River Song in palette twelve and graduation gown. This colouring technique is ridiculous.

For flowsoffire, Sansa in palette eighteen. You can actually pinpoint the moment I gave up on the hair and cheekbones.

For leiascully, River/Eleven in palette three. River has nightmares and the Doctor kisses it better.
More to come later!
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