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excogito ergo sum
I committed myself to life as one would to an asylum
Fanart: method to the closeness 
19th-Jun-2016 09:36 pm
*waves* Hear Ye, Hear Ye, don't panic, this is merely the occasional broacast of life signs from my corner of the internet. If I do not come with many words -when does it ever happen-, I come bearing gifts.

A little while back, I did this series of doodles for the Doctor and River appreciation coutdown challenge on tumblr. I thought it would be nice to put it here as well.

Yes, it is supposed to be a quadriptych. Except the last one is called "anti-climax or that scene was probably anything but sexy from the front".

And since summer is coming -although not here apparently-, a little sun is required in music form by an amazing franco-Belgian trio, Sirius Plan:

I hope you are all doing fine in these odd times. *hugs you all tightly from afar and obviously from under an umbrella*

19th-Jun-2016 07:48 pm (UTC)
*jumps on you and cuddles you for an hour*

The doodles look amazing, asusual! <3 the two right-side ones are actually myfavourites. And the light is gorgeous.

20th-Jun-2016 03:32 am (UTC)
*Squishes you tight*

Such lovely art! But then, I expect nothing less. :D

You have been missed, darling!

*squishes you again!*
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