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I committed myself to life as one would to an asylum
Bric-à-brac of an update: Fic: The Jaws Job; Fic: That's the day I knew you were my pet; doodles 
13th-Jan-2015 07:10 pm
Alone again


Title: The Jaws Job
Words: 21,476
Fandom: Leverage
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Team Leverage & Team Leverage

On the plane back home, Sophie was napping on Nate’s shoulder, who was napping on her head. Eliot was watching a film with Hardison and probably on the verge of falling asleep on him as well. And Parker, safe from Nate’s closed eyes, smoothed down the paper she had stolen from his pocket during the prep.

It read:
“Bare necessities to wrap the con:
- Parker’s loot;
- Sophie’s room at the palace;
- VERY IMPORTANT stolen letters and documents;
- Eliot’s elderly friends;
- Hardison’s access to internet;
- trust this is just crazy enough to work;
- doesn’t matter.

Note: never go on a trip when the team is emotionally compromised."

A/N: Written for TrespassersWill as part of the Leverage Secret Santa exchange.

Timeline: season 4; between The Potato Job and The Boiler Room Job.

Rather than a fully endorsed con, this is best read as a relationship- and interaction-oriented patchwork. If the original prompts seem worryingly blown out of recognisable proportions, it's because they are. This is 20k of unapologetic fluff and playing with the characters.

Thanks to Gus for the help and re-reading.

On AO3

Title: That's the day I knew you were my pet
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: General Audiences
Words: 3180
Relationships: Eleventh Doctor/River Song
Characters: River Song, Eleventh Doctor

The Doctor needs to work on his bedside manners. But probably not as much as River.

A/N: I was trying to order my fics when I stumbled upon this thing. It's very fluffy and domestic and silly and I never write that. So why not publish it. Some could enjoy it.

Warning: it's very fluffy.

Title from Sea of Love by Phil Phillips

On AO3


For zimamythos, River and the Doctor as space pirates.

I hope you weren't waiting for Twelve; Eleven sort of happened there. I have a very precise headcanon for River and Eleven as Space Pirates as you can see; the Doctor is an engineer-type, River a cyborg-type. That makes sense.

If you are wondering, things are going supernova.


During the break I:

  • Went to see (very late) The Hobbit and it turned out to be (accidentally) the best comedy of the year.

  • Went through the annual family meetings. Went through being the correct term. I love my family, they are adorable, but I hate the way they handle certain family issues.

  • Saw again and spent some time with very dear friends who were back for the holidays.

  • Wrote again. I think I broke my drawing for good.

  • Enjoyed the Who Christmas Special even if I am convinced the ending was a wasted opportunity. And I do not mean it as Clara leaving. I just wanted the last scene not to be a dream, but to be the future departure of Clara, already set in stone (except not because it's Who and everything can be retconned)

  • Started to flirt again with that old friend of mine, sleep troubles, and really hope it does not evolve.

  • Am fine otherwise.

And I will say just one thing about Charlie Hebdo and the attacks; it broke my heart, because of the lives lost and the insanity and the specific targetting, and after, it broke my heart through many people and opinions, to the point where I simply do not wish to discuss it on the web. My thoughts went and still go to all the victims first, direct and indirect, regardless of their religion and opinions. This was a dreadful waste of lives.
Terrorism is not something I could imagine happening in France. It did. What I could imagine was some of the reactions. The solidarity and the answer from all communities were beautiful to witness. I hope we all can simply live up to what was hopeful in the middle of this waste and become more tolerant on any front, more willing to protect each other and freedom of speech, less selfish and silent and more open-minded and nuanced.
13th-Jan-2015 10:24 pm (UTC)
Glad to hear you're doing well (aside from the terrorist attacks). I think I've seen that doodle before (Tumblr, probably), and it's still spectacular!

The Hobbit was a comedy, eh? I thought it was just... meh.

Re Who ending: that's what I was hoping it would be, too! I thought, "Even if she comes back again, this could still be how they say goodbye; it would be sweet." Ah well.
27th-Jan-2015 10:20 pm (UTC)
Thank you! And re-thank you for the doodle. I post on too many different platforms; I should gather.

The Hobbit was meh. It was also so randomly ridiculous that it was hilarious. I wasn't expecting it to be a masterpiece, and I was warned it was not even on par with the previous ones. But I didn't expect at all to laugh that much. Galadriel crouching on the floor while Daft Punk was partying? Thranduil and Bard? Thorin being swallowed by golden floor? The whole final battle scenes? It was laughably over-the-top.

That ending... I am a bit cross with Moffat here, because I have a feeling he has turned shy when it comes to narrative tours de force. I am not talking about plots but narration here. He is so good at playing with that and this episode was a simple, well-executed exercice de style, until Old Clara appeared. That was new. Except he undid it. And I absolutely don't understand WHY keeping Old Clara would mean saying goodbye to Clara. That's plainly silly.
2nd-Feb-2015 03:39 am (UTC)
I saw The Hobbit with my dad, so even if I wanted to laugh at it, I wouldn't have. There were a lot of parts where I facepalmed and was like, "really?" My dad was just... unimpressed. The Tolkienverse has becoming increasingly uninteresting to me in general of late, but I cringed through the third movie.

(If you have yet to see the video titled 'Mean Elves', I highly recommend it.)

Well, I have a feeling that it's because Moffat feels obligated to give Clara some kind of gut-wrenching, tragic farewell, but I really hope he doesn't go down that route.
14th-Jan-2015 03:02 am (UTC)

I hope you sleep well again soon. And I am sure your drawing is not broken, and I absolutely adore River and Eleven as space pirates and I want to write NOVELS about them.

I have many thoughts about Charlie Hebdo, and I am not French, so I do not have the familiarity with the publication to speak with authority. Anyway, I mourn the lives that were lost, and that is not nuanced. No matter what people say, they shouldn't die for it. No question. No grey area. I hope you all don't get the jingoistic backlash that we get (but 'Murica, right to bear arms, blah blah blah - that situation's not quite the same).
27th-Jan-2015 10:49 pm (UTC)
*hugs you*

It will pass probably, I've never had to resort to drugs to tackle those issues, which is always a good sign. THANK YOU! Actually, I may have a WIP fic somewhere about them, or nearly. But with my writing pace, it will probably see the day in two years. Feel free to expand on the subject... *grins*

I have too many myself. I didn't know Charlie Hebdo that well, only picked the magazine a few times, it was a bit too crude for my taste. I knew the artists because they were part of our everyday environment, in TV-shows, in other papers, in comics, in books (Honoré illustrated Vialatte's Bestiaire) they were hard to miss. All this is such a waste, especially because of what it brought back to the surface in our society. If it ends up making the state more ruthless about hate crimes and more protective of freedom, maybe I will stop feeling so gutted about our reactions. At least, we didn't get those talks -we are safe on the arm front it seems-, but had some ridiculous of other kind (Valls' 'apartheid', Balkany's twitter blunders...). Ugh.

♥ Glad to see you here.
14th-Jan-2015 03:24 am (UTC)
Bless you, sweetie. Thank you for the updates...just happy to see you, really. Missed your Face.

*hugs you close*

Do love that pic! They do make awesome space pirates!

27th-Jan-2015 10:55 pm (UTC)
Thank you for sticking with me through the long period of silence.

*hugs you closer*

They would! Eleven would so rock the greasy dishevelled steam-punk mechanic look... Rory would be the young delightful medic à la Simon Tam in Firefly with cute waistcoats and cuter combed back hair...

28th-Jan-2015 01:42 am (UTC)
Of course, honey!! I knew you'd be on again off again and I do love seeing you when you come around.

OMG...you are filling my head with Ideas. *whimpers*
15th-Jan-2015 07:29 am (UTC)
Love the doodle—the patterns on her arms! And the way he's holding her waist! ♥

Sorry family times can be awkward or bring unwelcome tension! But yay for writing :D And romantic entanglements, ahhh… I feel for you, dear =P I'm here if you have anything you want to talk/ramble/complain about—as you said in a comment yourself, we so need to talk more XD (I'm planning to respond to that one in an email even, on the off chance you keep in touch with those more easily…)

Re: Who: I agree, that would have been an excellent ending. Ah well :/

And word to what you said about the attacks. *hugs you tightly* It was a terrible, terrible time, but let's hope for the best indeed, even if things can never be truly the best—there is hope. There is a reaction, a spark, and at least nothing can take that away. And the future is up to us all…

27th-Jan-2015 11:35 pm (UTC)
Thank you! The patterns were a pain in the neck, I have no idea how to draw circuits and it shows.

We should. On LJ, posts tend to get lost in the fluxes of communication. Well, if you are me.

IT WOULD! With all these near-exits, I am getting more and more confused about Clara's final exit.

And the future is up to us all… But that's what make me terribly afraid. I do not trust us, because we are so damn lazy in our thinking and so accepting of the status quo. Audrey Pulvar expressed it better than I could. We have gotten used to the rise of hatred and violence, the journalists should have had a better protection, any type of hate crimes should be harshly condemned and regarded as that precisely that hate crimes, we should not have needed a satirical cartoon to shove in our faces how repugnant it is to refuse burial to a child. *sighs* It's so stupidly sad. *bangs head on the table*
4th-Feb-2015 07:27 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I imagine it must have been hard! You brave girl, you :)

I get that, emails are easier to keep track of. Well, fingers crossed!

Indeed, I wonder how that will be handled… Well, we'll see where s9 takes them, first.

*sighs* Yes, I see exactly what you mean. There is a rise of outrage at the moment of, but then we are all too quick to move on and forget, and too lazy to keep defending what always needs to be, indeed. There is that feeling that things just won't change, that people will keep being people and not communicating about important society issues. I guess we should all try to keep hope and remember important values and lessons, but it's hard. *hugs you* ♥
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