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I committed myself to life as one would to an asylum
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19th-Jun-2016 09:36 pm - Fanart: method to the closeness
*waves* Hear Ye, Hear Ye, don't panic, this is merely the occasional broacast of life signs from my corner of the internet. If I do not come with many words -when does it ever happen-, I come bearing gifts.
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Une femme qui lit

1. Happy very belated birthday, Azzie! You are amazing and always a joy (and a challenge) to talk to. Je suis en train de rédiger un mail, histoire de reprendre la correspondance au plus vite. Donc à très bientôt en français dans le texte. I adore you and I wish you all the best for this next year. Accept those two ridiculous fluffy time travellers as an omen of a dreamy and aerial year. Or at least lighter. *hugs you very, very tight because I am rubbish with words*

2. This thing wouldn't let itself be finished. At all. I am glad I put a little more time into it than what I originally planned, because the constant reframing, reworking, recolouring and reshaping lead to something quite different from what I usually do.

3. End of the year emotionally draining resulted in new year begun in a slump. Meh. Not fun. But better now and some interesting perspectives for this year.

4. Saw The Husbands of River Song and enjoyed it a lot though it was a bit of a mess. Listened to The Diary of River Song at Big Finish and loved it with sturm and drang and love.

5. Managed to get back on the writing train with this little thing for the Leverage Christmas exchange and this odd exercise in Crossover major. At least, that makes up for a year of fictional radio silence.

6. Heard the Moffat and Who news. Well, I'll have more time to work in 2016.

7. Love you all, still and despite the everlasting silence in my halls.

8. Doodle genuinely inspired by this song by Da Silva.
I made a little thing for River and the Doctor's anniversary. It's a study in boops and looks, no angst, lots of sweetness. I hope you enjoy.

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13th-Jan-2015 05:32 pm - Vid: Fun in the thirties
Cat & mouse
Title: Fun in the thirties
Rating: PG-13
Duration: 3:27
Claim: Eleven era - 6 Prompts: Murder mystery
Prompt: #3 - Mystery
Summary: For three years, the Angel Detective Agency has been busy, keeping New York and the world safe, fighting crimes and extra-terrestrial activities. With the help of her faithful Ms. Oswald and the plucky Doctor, Melody Malone embarks on a last journey that will lead her to face her most enduring fear.

Notes/Warnings: For dw_allsorts. The video contains fast cuts, blinking lights, blood, mummies, smoking.

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Bullet point reviews:

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Fortunately, I'm less talkative from now on.

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Hum, in other news, it also has been Moffat appreciation week on tumblr, and I've (barely) done things:

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Check this tag and bask in Moffat love with us all.

9th-Nov-2014 08:36 pm - Fic: And fire us hence like foxes

Title: And fire us hence like foxes
Words: 989
Fandom: Leverage
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Sophie Devereaux & Parker,Team - Relationship
Characters: Sophie Devereaux (Leverage), Parker (Leverage), Alec Hardison, Eliot Spencer

Or Five and a Half Times Sophie Leaves Parker. One Time Parker Leaves Sophie.


A/N: First time writing for this show. This is remarkably trope-y for a first time. I should apologise for it, but I fear I will have another thing to apologise for by the end of the text.

Spoilers for the five seasons.

For Alyssa; she’s probably the only one interested. And masochist enough.

Title from King Lear, act V, sc. 2.

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(Post-game for Who finale coming after I catch up on Elementary -my notes are filled with black, BLACK humour and snarkiness. The reaction was very positive though. I didn't cry and it didn't exactly leave me mind-blown, but excellent, meta-inducing -and interestingly un-Who-like - finale all around. Still not TPO/TBB contender, but it swept out of sight both The Wedding of River Song and The Name of the Doctor.)

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